Scots Cemetary PalmPipal

A peepal and date palm grow together at the overgrown and mostly forgotten Scottish Cemetary, hiding just a few minutes walk from the more well known Park St Cemetary

The Double Coconut

This island palm species has the world’s largest fruit, but unfortunately this specimen, the centrepiece of a Botanical Gardens glasshouse, has never been successfully pollinated.

The Tallest Palmyra

Just outside of the Sadhana Forest, a stand of Palmyra palms stand well above the fields and casuarina plantations

Queen Victoria Terminus Palms

A pair of stately Royal Palms add some greenery to Mumbai’s imposing and beautiful Victoria Terminus -now Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus- the starting location for India’s railway network.

Khajuraho Khajur

The name Khajuraho derives from the Khajur, or date palm, and this representative specimen can be found near old Khajuraho town.

Martiniere Jaggery

French adventurer Major General Claude Martin created a rather bizarre, arachitecturally curious, mansion on the outskirts of Lucknow and you can find this nice palm tree there.

Shatter Palm

In a city park in South Delhi’s Malviya Nagar suburb, a royal palm tree can be found rotten right through the centre.

Diu Town Beach Gate Hoka

A rare branching African Hoka palm stands guards at one of the gates to the Portuguese Fort of Diu

Nalanda University 8-Date

A strange, eight-branching mutant date palm can be found at the ruins of one of the world’s first universities, the Buddhist school of Nalanda

India Habitat Center Tall Tree

India Habitat Centre is a cultural and environmental hub, and in its shady courtyards, this is the tallest of the fishtail palms growing towards the geometric sunshade roof

Landmark Trees of India