Near and Dear Warning Ficus

A warning on this fig tree tells coupling visitors at the Bhubaneshwar Botanical Gardens that if they are caught being inappropriately intimate, their photographs will be posted on the internet for their ‘near and dears’ to view

Shivganga Summit Flag

A small, straggling Ficus tree on the summit of Shivganga, decorated with bangles and witness to countless monkey-human food-grab interactions

Granite Theatre Split Rock

In a natural granite amipitheatre on the slopes of the dramatic Shivganga Hill, a Ficus tree splits open a ancient boulder

Banyan of the 2nd Quality

At Hampi’s Elephant Stables, upon asking the coconut vendor which tree this was, I was given the surprising answer that it was a banyan of ‘the second quality’

Agumbe Rainforest Researcher’s Tree

At the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station in Karnataka’s Western Ghats, scientists and conservationists can spend some time learning the treeclimbing ropes in this impressive fig nearby.

The Chain Tree

Legend has it that after a British engineer murdered his native assistant, the haunting ghost was chained to the tree.

Landmark Trees of India