Coimbatore Transport Column

In the busiest intersection between the bus stands of crowded and busy Coimbatore, a New Caledonian Pine can be spotted standing above the chaos

Brigade Street Rain and Column

In downtown Bangalore’s busiest commercial district, a rain tree stretches far to touch a tall Columnaris pine on the other side of the street

Mangalore City Corp Pine

On the southwest coast of India, a nice Araucaria from the Pacific island of New Caledonia marks the entrance to the Mangalore City Corporation administrative buildings.

St Xavier College Araucaria

At the entrance to St Xavier school, this Southern Hemisphere tree adds a nice touch to their garden plantings

Strand Leaning Araucaria

A tall Araucaria tree leans steeply near St. John’s Church on the Strand, in Calcutta downtown.

Shillong Police Bazaar Pine

At the central roundabout of Police Bazaar in Shillong’s downtown is one small and easily overlooked New Caledonian Araucaria

Landmark Trees of India