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Mango or Aam

Mango or Aam

The Walking Mango

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Image of Tree g015

Bodhi Leaf The Walking Mango

Planted by the original Parsi settlers in India, this curious tree has been on the move- it has the unique ability for its branches to take root and crawl along the ground.

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De Gama’s Mango

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Image of Tree f011

Bodhi Leaf De Gama’s Mango

This large Mango tree at Fort Angelo, named after the Portugese explorer, is unique in that it is actually two trees fused together at the base, and again at a single branch above- all three sections bear different types of fruit.

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Kamakshi Ekambaram

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Image of Tree d078

Bodhi Leaf Kamakshi Ekambaram

When the purportedly 3500 year old One (Ek) Mango (Ambaram) at Kanchipuram died, a new one was planted and worship continues where Kamakshi was ceremoniously married to Lord Shiva

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