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Mango or Aam

Mango or Aam

Konark Mango

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Image of Tree p002

Bodhi Leaf Konark Mango

A mango tree grows just near the wheels of the Sun Chariot Temple at Konark, offering a shady resting space to the pilgrims and tourists visiting these amazing ruins.

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Yesudas Mango Tree

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Bodhi Leaf Yesudas Mango Tree

The Yesudas Mango Tree grows dramatically through the inside of a centrally located building in Fort Cochin–the one housing The Mango Tree restaurant and cafe Coffee Day. This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

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Mahadeo Mango

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Bodhi Leaf Mahadeo Mango

Near the Mahadeo shrine tucked deep into a sandstone crack in the Satpura Range, this giant mango offers a perch for the monkeys waiting to steal snacks from the pilgrims.

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