Borivali Park Environmental Ed Mango

Sanjay Gandhi National Park at Borivali, Mumbai, is one of the world’s best urban parks, and you can find this mango tree growing at the excellent environmental education center

Dhauli Pistach

The tallest tree growing near the memorial at the battlefield where Emperor Ashoka renounced violence and adopted Buddhism

An Araku Mango

At the government tourist resort- complete with swimming pool- a mango grows by the gate

Platform Mango

At the Jungle Bells Resort, a tree house in a mango tree offers a good vantage

Jungle Bells Mango

Jungle Bells resort, near Borra Caves, Andhra Pradesh, has an abundance of signposted trees, including this mango

Panjim Church Square Mango

A broad mango in the church Square in Goa’s capitol of Panjim is a central point to a pleasant district

The Mango Climbing Tree

At the International Canopy Conference in Bangalore in 2009, the Oregon-based treeclimbing service New Tribe introduced many of the attendees to the excitement of climbing on ropes, in ths wonderful tree

Landmark Trees of India