The Overseer of a Eucalyptus

An Australian Eucalyptus tree grows to massive proportions in the pleasant tropical mountain climate at Ooty’s Botanical Garden, where it is now certainly one of tropical India’s largest trees

Brighton Tasmanian Blue Gum

A large Tasmanian Blue Gum- one of the largest species of flowering plant in the world- is growing at an estate on the edges of Almora in the Kumaon Himalaya.

Reechgarh Monarch

Up in the Saptura Range, in the sandstone canyon of Reechgarh, a jamun tree dominates a quiet grotto.

A Stringybark for Joseph Hooker

Named after Joseph Hooker, the botanist at the Darjeeling Botanical Gardens, this is a Tasmanian Obliqua stringybark, a member of one of the world’s tallest and largest flowering plant species

Kodai 500 Year Old Jamun

A gnarled old jamun tree. signposted- and futilely fenced off- is a tourist attraction near Kodai Lake. The Vattakanal Conservation Trust has identified these trees as significant elements of the last shola rainforests. To learn more, or to contribute to their conservation initatives, visit

My Long Lost Stringybark Friend

At the Ooty Botanical Gardens, I immediately recognized the stringybark gum trees that I knew so well from Tasmania- I spent four years of my life climbing into these superlative trees and studying the treetop biodiversity

JalianWalla Bag Gum Tree

This eucalyptus tree was probably not yet even planted in 1919 when the British army massacred 400 Indian civilians in this walled garden in Amritsar

Lodhi River Red Gum

At the green and spacious Lodhi Gardens in the heart of New Delhi, a huge Murray River Red Gum from the interior of Australia spreads its branches out wide.