Rock Garden Entry Tree

Near the entrace to the colorful recycled-material fantast Rock Garden of Nek Chand is this lovely tree

Hosaholalu Tree

This South American tree is the sole arboreal decoration at an ornate and intricate Hoysala temple

The Faraway Tree

At the entrance to The Faraway Tree art gallery, you can find this tree first in a row of trees from far away South America.

Lodhi Roheda

In Lodhi Gardens, parents leave the clothing of their sick children in this tree in hopes it will cure them of their ills.

Bangalore Twin Trumpet Trees

Two twin Tabebuia trees grow solidly, and prominently, in the Cubbon Park in downtown Bangalore, just near an exposed formation of granite

Tree Festival Spathodea

This tree commemorates the Fort Kochin Tree Festival, which unfortunately is no longer running. This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Sinhagad Fort Monitor

Below one of the communication towers on the rocky plateau of Sinhagad Fort, this tree is named after the Marathi general Tanaji’s 1670 capture of the fort, with the aid of a trained monitor lizard which climbed the ramparts and set a rope in place.

Daulatabad Gate Spathodea

A lovely flowering African Tulip tree at the lowest gateway of Tughlak’s superbly defended Daulatabd Fort, perched high on a granite mountain.

Landmark Trees of India