Raj Japanese Redwood

The most spectacularly complex Cryptomeria tree at the Darjeeling Raj Bhavan is visible through the fence as one walks along the Mall

The Cypress Monster of Ooty

In the busy crossroads market of Ooty’s tourist town centre, a green park is home to a absolutely massive

ChristChurch Juniper

Shimla’s most famous landmark is the tall yellow tower of Christ Church, and this juniper tree can be found in its front courtyard. Look for it in photos of the Shimla Mall.

Solitary Cypress at Jantar Mantar

Jaipur’s Janntar Mantar is a solar astrological observatory, and there is a one lone cypress tree growing near the brickwork instruments

Gopeshwar’s Ancient Cypress

In the steep hillside town of Gopeshwar, in the Garwhal Himalaya, an ancient, declining old cypress tree stands alone near a hillside spring.

Jakpo The Snake King’s Tree at Likir

In Ladakh’s oldest, 930-year-old monastery on the snake-like hill of Kli-Khil this ancient evergreen cypress is named after the Naga King Jakpo, who once slept here in the mythological past

Nor La Evergreen Juniper

In a rocky valley high in the Ladakh Himalaya, an evergreen juniper tree is a striking landmark- there are no other trees like it anywhere nearby

Landmark Trees of India