Rhino Safari Semal

While riding elephants on a safari to spot the rhinos of Kaziranga, the tall flowering semal trees can be spotted on the edge of the grasslands.

Jagganath Corner Semal

A strong semal tree grows from one of the front corners of the Jagganath temple compound.

Le Grande Semals

Two large semal trees in the Jardin Botanique in Pondicherry, planted by the French and now of impressive stature.

Lal Bagh Giant Ceiba

One of the most impressive and widespread trees at Lal Bagh is a broad and spreading native Indian semal tree

Gateway Vivekenanda Semal

At the Gateway of India, at a statue of Vivekenanda, the guru of Hinduism to the Western World, there is a large semal tree.

Hotel HI Semal

One of two tall semals growing at the front of the Hotel Hindustan International in downtown Calcutta, visible from the flyover.

Presidency College Semal

This tall semal tree grows in the corner of a courtyard at Calcutta’s famous Presidency College

Landmark Trees of India