Kolab Riverbank Semal

On the border between Orissa and Chatisgarth, this semal rises above some magnificent limestone rock formations carved by the Kolab River.

Giant Beehive Semal

A huge tree in the corner of Bangalore’s Botanical Gardens is home to several giant beehives

Horticultural Gardens Mad Tree

At the Horticultural Gardens of Calcutta, this Mad Tree represents a strange variety where every leaf is a different shape

Sunset Semal

During one glorious sunset by the lake in the centre of Panchmarhi Hill Station, I nearly fell off my pushbike when I saw this monstrous semal tree lurking there.

Teen Murti Semal

In the front gardens of Tenen Murti Bhavan, Pandit Nehru Ji’s residence, is one of Delhi’s stoutest and most impressive semal trees

Delhi Landfill Sludge Semal

With its feet in Delhi’s sewage, a small semal tree grows beneath the bulky heights of Delhi’s landfill- the destination for much of the city’s waste stream.

Lodhi Lateralus Semal

In the shady northern parts of Lodhi Gardens, a magnificent Semal tree simultaneously dominates with its huge crown spread and twists into itself in a gnarled fusion of branches.

Shaj Jehan Semal

The tallest and largest of the Semal trees just right of the Taj Mahal, the world’s superlative architectural icon.

Landmark Trees of India