Chandigarh 17 Landmark Haldu

Sector 17 is Chandigarh’s commercial core; you can find this tree growing in the plaza amidst the cement buildings

Kalighat Kadamb

A tall, straight Kadamb tree near Kalighat temple on the streetside

BNHS tree

This tree is at the entrance to the Bombay Natural History Society, one of the oldest and most influential of India’s many environmental organizations.

Kaliya Serpent Tree

Krishna jumped from this very tree into the Yamuna River to fight, subdue, and banish to the Ocean the poisonous, 100-headed, Kaliya Black Serpent

Krishna Kapra Kadamb

In a long distant time, at this tree, a mischevious young Krishna hid the clothes of the gopi cowherd girls while they were swimming

Landmark Trees of India