Marine Drive Greeting Barringtonia

This is the first of the young Barringtonias encountered as you approach Marine Drive from Churchgate Station in Mumbai, and it will unfortunately be many years before it and its siblings offer any substantial shade to the promenade

Crocodile Barringtonia

A Barringtonia tree growing in the sidelines of the Madras Crocodile Bank, a reptile zoo established by Rom Whittaker just south of Chennai

Tu B’Shvat Cannonball

This tree commemorates the Jewish New Year for Trees, (usually in January or February), and is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Clocktower KailashPati

Inside the Fort campus of University of Mumbai in the centre of the city, this tree is growing beneath the clocktower, prominently in view from the Maidans.

Rani Bagh Cannonball

One of the strangely decorated Cannonball trees planted around Mumbai, this tree is a tall and striking specimen at Rani Bagh.