Patang Corner Ailanthus

At a busy intersection beneath the Patang Tower on the Ahmedabad Riverside, a large Ailanthus tree stands still amidst the motorized traffic

Tughuk Ailanthus

In the ruins of the eight-hundred-year-old Tughluk military fort, this Ailanthus tree thrives amidst the crumbling rocks and ruins

Nehru Park Ailanthus

At Nehru Park in Delhi, a large Ailanthus tree dominated a section of the park.

Zoo Mahaneem

At Delhi’s zoo, near the Purana Qila Old Fort, a broad Tree of Heaven offers shade to auto-wallahs and the occasional book-seller.

Jaws II Crocodile Tree

Amongst the many draconican reptiles at the the Crocodile Bank along the Coromandel coast, the largest and most impressive Croc- Jaws the Second- waits in the water underneath this tall Ailanthus.

Landmark Trees of India