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Woodstock Lyre Tree

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Image of Tree b009

Bodhi Leaf Woodstock Lyre Tree

Woodstock School is a prestigious international school in the foothills of the Himalaya in Mussoorie, and their botanical emblem is a pine tree with two stems gracefully bent like a lyre, the Greek musical instrument.

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The Mori Pine

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Image of Tree t026

Bodhi Leaf The Mori Pine

At a sandy river bank along the Tons River, this champion sized pine is now in pieces after it succumbed to fungal decay

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The Kanasar Giant

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Image of Tree t024

Bodhi Leaf The Kanasar Giant

One of the largest and most famous cedar trees can be found at the Kanasar Grove north of Chakrata; this is the largest individual, signed as 6.35 m in girth

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