Merag Deodars

Visible from the Tapovan road past Joshimath in the High Himalaya are these two majestic deodars stand alone amongst the farmfields, just around the corner from Nanda Devi, one of the world’s tallest mountains.

Landour High Ridge Peak Cedar

A stroll along the ridge from Landour in the misty green hills edging the Himalaya takes you to this cedar tree festooned with prayer flags

Agora Pine

A dramatic corner on a steep Himalayan trail is accentuated by this precipitous pine.

Hadimba Fallen Titan

Just next to the temple at the ancient Hadimba cedar grove, an aging tree was cut down before it could fall on the temple or the the pilgrims

Banjani Dev Devdar

Below Chail village, near the Forestry Training Institute, a sacred Devdar of immense proportions and age can be found clinging to the hillside

Atlas’s Cedar at Ooty

A large Cedar tree at Ooty is from the North African Atlas Mountains, named for the mythological Greek Titan bearing the weight of the world

Saint John in the Wilderness Cedar

Around the corner from the main market of McLeod Ganj, the Tibetan refugee colony, is an old church nestled in the woods, with this and many other impressive old cedar trees

Landmark Trees of India