The Gum Tree Invader at Longwood

At the entrance to the protected Longwood montane tropical rainforest in the Nilgiri Hills, a Tasmanian blue gum ironically grows over a signboard listing native tree species

Camel Gum

In the back of the Mysore Palace, a Eucalyptus tree has been stripped of bark by the tethered camels

Rani Bagh Melaleuca

A huge Australian tea-tree, of superb branching form, is growing at the Queen’s Garden, Mumbai.


In Adchhini, South Delhi, I encountered a gum tree growing through a metal fence. As I investigated, a crow sleepily ignored me while perching on a low branch.

Qutb Gum Tree

Lost in the farthest corner of Qtub Minar complex, this obscure ‘box’ Eucalypt was identified and noted in Trees of Delhi.

Landmark Trees of India