Tinsukia Jeep Stand Peepal

The largest tree spotted in Tinsukia, in far eastern Assam, is an old peepal tree at the jeep stand heading to the Brahmaputra River

Fancy Bazaar Namesake Tree

The Fancy Bazaar market in Guwahati is actually named for a tree- the Phansi tree whereon the British used to hang the Assamese people under their rukle

Bakhalee Beach Sacred Tree

Bakhalee is a quiet resort town on the calm and sultry waters of the Bay of Bengal on the edge of the Sunderbans, and at the beach you can find this sacred tree

Fairlawn Banyan

The Fairlawn is a Heritage hotel on Sudder Street in downtown Calcutta, and a large banyan tree offers much needed shade and oxygen there

Near and Dear Warning Ficus

A warning on this fig tree tells coupling visitors at the Bhubaneshwar Botanical Gardens that if they are caught being inappropriately intimate, their photographs will be posted on the internet for their ‘near and dears’ to view

Chilika Approach Banyan

A lone banyan tree visible from the roadside, to the right, as you travel south towards Satpada to visit Chilika Lake in coastal Orissa