Rhino Gate Tree

Find this peepal tre at the main gate to Kaziranga National Park, near the statue of a one-horned rhino

Tinsukia Jeep Stand Peepal

The largest tree spotted in Tinsukia, in far eastern Assam, is an old peepal tree at the jeep stand heading to the Brahmaputra River

Fancy Bazaar Namesake Tree

The Fancy Bazaar market in Guwahati is actually named for a tree- the Phansi tree whereon the British used to hang the Assamese people under their rukle

A Kanger Cave Shrine

A small shrine is crowned by a peepal tree at the entrance to a cave in Kanger Valley National Park.

Blue Sita Pipal

This forest tree is not too far from the grove of Teak trees in Kanger Park where Ram Teak and his brothers grow