A Short Root Bridge

One small example of the living root bridges of Meghalaya, formed by training the roots of a rubber tree across a creek

Wire Anchor Tree

A Meghalayan rubber tree at the end of a highwire bridge across one of the marvellous gorges below Cherrapunjee

Lower Police Bazaar Rubber Tree

When you are passing through the lower parts of Shillong’s Police Bazaar, make sure to say hello to this rubber tree growing at the Lion’s Club Park

Sanjay Van Giant Ficus

In the forest of south Delhi, near the Qtub Minar and Mehrauli, hide not only countless ancient ruins but also this large elder Indian Rubber Tree

The River Rock Root Complex

A group of several living root bridges formed by rubber trees meets at a huge boulder in the midst of a ravine on the cliffs of Meghalaya, where giant waterfalls and racing rivers rush down towards Bangladesh

The Longest Root Bridge

The longest of Meghalaya’s fantastic living root bridges, made by patiently guiding the roots of a rubber tree across a ravine

Ummunoi Root Bridge

The most-often visited of the Cherrapunjee Living Tree Bridges is reachable by a steep trail below the ecotourism nexus at Cherrapunjee Resort.

The Double Decker Root Bridge

Truly a unique accomplishment in the world, the roots of this rubber tree have been patiently guided by the Khasi people to form a sturdy, two-level bridge over a steep canyon.

Landmark Trees of India