Diu Monument Banyan

A young banyan grows out into the sea from a monument tower near the Fort at Diu Island

Somnath Temple Banyan

Look for this banyan near the stores to the right as you approach the important Krishna temple at Somnath.

Uparkot Gate Banyan

A banyan near the entrance to the Uparkot fort at Junagadh, near Girnar Mountain.

Junagadh Maqbara Banyan Sprout

Thtreatening the dome crowning Junagadh;s gloriously ornate and spiral-woven Maqbara tomb is a small banyan tree sprouting in a crack

Bakhalee Beach Sacred Tree

Bakhalee is a quiet resort town on the calm and sultry waters of the Bay of Bengal on the edge of the Sunderbans, and at the beach you can find this sacred tree

Fairlawn Banyan

The Fairlawn is a Heritage hotel on Sudder Street in downtown Calcutta, and a large banyan tree offers much needed shade and oxygen there