Julian’s Neem

Near a small rock outcrop in South Delhi’s Sanjay Van, a broad neem tree is surrounded by exotic forest trees.

Hailey Baoli Neem

On a surprisingly quiet street just southeast of Connaught Place, an ancient step-well, which formerly provided access to ground-water, is sheltered by a superb neem tree.

Malviya Nagar Market Margosa

In the midst of a busy shopping bazaar of vegetables, dishware, and fabric, a big neem tree occupies the middle of a major thoroughfare

Firoz Shah’s Fallen Neem

This large neem shaded the entrance to the Tughluk King Firoz Shah’s tomb. It broke apart in June 2008, and now only a small remnant of the stump is visible.

Jaisalmer Fort Watch Neem

As one enters the City Fort to Jaisalmer, you can find a nice resting spot under this shady neem tree to the right of the gate.

Nallur Neem Pipal Pair

A neem and peepal growing together, representing a married couple, and like others in the region, given seral Nagakal snake stones by parents hoping for children

Nehru ka Neem

A strong anad healthy neem tree at Anand Bhavan, Nehru’s home, provides another reminder of his everlasting impact on India and the world.

Footprint of the Prophet Neem

At Qadam Sharif, a mosque is built which houses a piece of stone, brought from Arabia, upon which a footprint of Mohammed is preserved

Humayan’s Tomb Margosa

One of the more distinct neem trees at the corner of Humayun’s Tomb, an architectural landmark in Delhi that predates and conceptually precedes the famous Taj Mahal

Sikander’s Neem

In the corner of Sikander Lodhi’s tomb, my favourite of the neem trees planted there is in the southeast.

Landmark Trees of India