Golconda Painter’s Neem

Just below the top of Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort, this neem tree is next to several wonderfully colorful rock paintings of Hindu deities.

Ellora Burly Neem

Another giant neem tree near Cave 16 at Ellora, with large infected burls distorting its shape.

Siddharth Greeting

A curiously carved tree at the entrance to the rather underwhelming Siddharth Gardens amusement park in the centre of Aurangabad.

Hanuman Lantern Fusion

At the main ashram of Sai Baba, a small Hanuman temple has a fused neem and peepal tree in front, with a small lantern lighting a shrine

#1 Neem of Udaigiri

At the first of the Udaigiri meditation caves near Sanchi, this neem tree introduces you to the archeological site.

Allahabad Ag Neem

This neem tree, infected with knobby burls, is a great place for Agricultural Institute students to hang out in the shade

Mehrauli Jain Mandir Neem

At the shining white marble gardens of the Dadabari Jain Mandir, near the 800-year-old resting place of Guru Jinchanda Suruswarji Maharaj, a neem tree offers a green contrast to the bright stones

Landmark Trees of India