Gateway Vivekenanda Semal

At the Gateway of India, at a statue of Vivekenanda, the guru of Hinduism to the Western World, there is a large semal tree.

Victorian Privacy Tree

This tree at Victoria Memorial, Calcutta, demonstrates one surprising use for the buttressed trunk- compartments for young couples to snuggle together.

Hotel HI Semal

One of two tall semals growing at the front of the Hotel Hindustan International in downtown Calcutta, visible from the flyover.

Presidency College Semal

This tall semal tree grows in the corner of a courtyard at Calcutta’s famous Presidency College

Dryland Mangrove

This tree at Calcutta’s Botanical Garden is notable for being a member of a species normally found as mangroves in salty tidal waters, but here growing happily in the dirt and living on freshwater

Abdullah’s Tomb Flag

Like a flag on a hill, this tree at a small Sufi tomb is visible throughout western Mandu.

Udaigiri Sterculia

On the ridgeline of Udaigiri caves, this tree dramatically overlooks the farmfields below.

Freedom Semal

There’s a lovely cafe in Rishikesh, overlooking the Ganga and the Laxman bridge, where you can get avocado guacamole, burritos, and all sorts of backpacker food. This tree is in the entranceway, and the roof is built around it.

South Extension Semal

South Extension is one of Delhi’s most posh shopping areas, and in the crowded parking lot, a tall semal trees stands tall ro remind us of the natural world

Landmark Trees of India