Red Panda’s Tree

Near the enclosure of the beauitul, bamboo-eating Red Panda of the high Himalaya at the Darjeeling Zoo is a relative of the Sampige tree


A magnolia tree grows in front of the non-profit non-governmental development organization DIRINDIA in Chandigarh.

Double Magnolia

A double-trunked magnolia can be found by the waterfalls at Nishant Bagh Mughal Gardens near Dal Lake

Rawalsar Dalai and Panchen Lama Trees

At a monastery next to the sacred Rewalsar Lake, two American Magnolia trees planted by the Dalai Lama serve as representatives of his and the Panchen Lama’s role in Tibetan Buddhism

The Start of NEHU Botanical Garden

This young magnolia tree from the Southern United States will one day be the elder specimen of the Botanical Gardens at NorthEastern Hill University

The Viceregal Liriodendron

A Tulip-poplar, eastern North America’s tallest flowering tree, grows at the Viceregal Lodge in Shimla.

Landmark Trees of India