Mawphlang Creekside Oak

The creek in Mawphlang sacred grove is one of the healthiest and densely wooded remaining on the plateau of Meghalaya’s Khasi Hlls, and it is there that you can find this oak tree

Tibetan Wolf’s Tree

This tree is growing just near the zoo habitat of the endangered Tibetan Wolf, which has been successfully bred in captivity here at the Darjeeling Zoo.

Death of the Raj Gatekeeper

A dead tree stands near the entrance to the gardens of the Institute of Advanced Studies, formerly the Viceregal Lodge from where the British governed India

Shimla Mall Anchor

Near the Himachal Pradesh Government Buildings, at one end of the lovely pedestrian Mall in Shimla, there is a double trunked oak tree offering a lovely shade to those resting on the benches beneath.

Dodi Tal Money Tree

On the trail to Dodi Tal, passers-by have left coins embedded in the bark of this oak tree.

Rekong Peo Prayer Wheel Hub

High in the Kinnaur Valley, the town of Rekong Peo has a Buddhist Prayer Wheel shaded beneath a small tree

Uttarkashi Yoga Witness

On the rooftop on Monal Guest House in Uttarkashi, a banj oak tree offers a picturesque companion to a morning yoga session

Mandal Oak

In the midst of one of India’s finest remaining Himalayan forests, a clearing has allowed one oak to dominate the area.

Landmark Trees of India