Mowgli Imli

You can have lovely meals, great drinks, and watch the sunset over the rice paddies of Hampi will sitting in the shade of the tamarind tree at Mowgli Guest House.

Gangabaoli Pahar Flag

On the ancient granite boulders of Gangabaoli, Hyderabad, an old imli tree grows between huge rocks, where children go to fly kites and adults go to watch the sun set.

Nine Planets Imli

Above the Assamese capitol of Guwahati, at the Navagraha Temple of the Nine Planets, overlooking the Brahmaputra River, is a large tamarind tree shading the central shrine

Sidi Saiyed Living Tree of Life

Besides the famous stone carvings of trees at Ahmedabad’s Sidi Saiyad Mosque, there is also a large and old living tamarind tree

The Crutch

Near, Krishna’s Butterball Boulder, this tree is rotted through the center, and is balancing carefully on pieces of decaying wood.

Osmania Lifesaver

This tamarind has a special role in Hyderabad’s history: in 1908, when the River Musi flooded, 150 people clung to its branches for two days and survived. The River is now a “stinking drain.”

Ram Ghat Trident

At the busy and crowded riverbanks in Ujjain, three trees grow dramatically together.

Heliodorus Nail

Near an ancient monument to a Greek ambassador in 140 BC, this is one of several old tamarind trees, filled with iron rings and nails which are used by local villagers to help exorcise evil demons.

Imli Tala

This tree at Vrindavan was was cursed by Krishna’s partner Radha after she cut her foot on a tamarind fruit shard, and now the fruit of this tree never ripens properly.

Landmark Trees of India