Ram Bagh Imli

A tamarind tree at Ram Bagh, in Agra, where the first Mughal Gardens were first brought to India from Persia.

Henry’s Island Imli

At the entrance to Henry’s Island, on the edge of the Sunderbans, a tamarind tree shelters the card-playing men near a bridge into the field reclaimed from the water

Marayur’s Monster Tamarind

A big tamarind of impressive age and gnarliness grown in the corner of an abandoned clearing in the mountain town of Murayur

Tamarind of Mother

Another grand, ancient tamarind at Auroville, this one named after Aurobindo’s French-born comrade, a woman known as the Mother.

Tamarind of Aurobindo

The grandest tamarind I found in Auroville was named after the city’s founder, Sri Aurobindo, a renowned Indian freedom fighter and philosopher

Landmark Trees of India