St Pauls Rain Tree

At the beautiful St. Paul’s Chuch, near the Victoria Memorial in downtown Calcutta, this tree spreads out grandly in the corner of the garden.

Sacred Heart Salvation Samanea

Across from the Pondicherry railstationt the Sacred Heart Church, this tree grows on the edge of the grotto-cave, next to a Jesus statue.

Rain of Boulderers

This rain tree can be found in the corner of the rice fields of the “other side”, where every morning the rock climbing boulderers go out to practice their gravity-defying yoga.

Bom Jesus Rain Trees

At the Bom Jesus Basilica in Old Goa, two giant Rain Trees rival the huge Portuguese cathedral for sheer size.

Calicut High Court Judge

Behind the courthouse in the coastal town of Calicut/Kohzikode, an rain tree spreads wide over the bustling activities of the lawyers below.

The Colaba Rain Tree

A Central American Rain Tree offers a fantastic canopy in the very pulsing heart of Mumbai, shading the steps of the Modern Art musuem. Someone has spraypainted an advertisment for “Bean Bags”

Landmark Trees of India