Nandi Rain Tree

At seven hundred stairs on a staircase of a thousand, Mysore’s Chamundi Hill, a large Nandi Bull statue offers a convenient break point, and a rain tree offers a small bit of shade.

Melagres Churchside Samanea

Melagres Church is a landmark in the center of Mangalore, and this rain tree is prominent on its right side

CentrePoint Rain Tree

A colossal rain tree-possibly two fused individuals- near Bangalore Central Mall, supposedly the centerpoint of Bangalore.

Rain of Lost Riches

This rain tree above the coracle landing can remind us that Vijaynagar- now a modest tourist town- used to be a fabulously wealthy city, with riches cascading like rain.

Gandhi Rain Tree

At Aga Khan, a memorial to Gandhi’s life and influence is an important feature at an estate where he was once imprisoned.

The Rain Cave

Just behind the Hanging Gardens at Malabar Hill, this sprawling rain tree has a cave in its trunk, and serving as a small shrine.

Rani Bagh Great Rain Tree

At the Queen Victoria Garden, this rain tree exhibits an amazing crown spread, dominating the center of the park like no other tree.

The Grandfather Tree

This is perhaps the largest Rain Tree in Kochin, and is reverently named the Grandfather.This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.