Trivandrum Sanskrit College Samanea

One of the largest trees spotted in downtown Trivandrum is this fantastic South American Samanea tree, spreading out wide and strong at the Sanskrit College

Allephey Boat Dock Rain Tre

A lazy afternoon boat ride on the Kerala Backwater canals can be arranged under this tree at the government boat dock in Allephey

Koder Rain Tree

This giant Rain Tree is named after the Koder family, prominent Jewish members of the Fort Cochin community. This tree is part of the Fort Cochin Tree Trail.

Karwar Riverside Rain Tree

When travelling south from Goa into Karnataka, as you cross the Kali River at Karwar, look over to the right side of the bridge to see a massive rain tree

Karnataka Rock Climber’s Team Tree

At the artificial wall in downtown Bangalore where India’s leading state rock climbing team practices, a rain tree offers a convenient place to practice alternate rope techniques

Brigade Street Rain and Column

In downtown Bangalore’s busiest commercial district, a rain tree stretches far to touch a tall Columnaris pine on the other side of the street