Gopalpur on the Sea Abandoned Acacia

Look for this Australian acacia tree at the gates of a crumbling, abandoned hotel near the lighthouse at the old and weary beach town of Gopalpur.

The Gulmohur at the Tsunami Shelter

After being devastated by the 2004 December tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the former Danish colony of Tranquebar has a multi-purpose building as a sanctuary from tsunamis and other disasters, and there you can find this Madagascaran flowering tree

Le Grande CopperPod

One of the largest urban copperpods encountered on this project is to be found at the Jardin Botanique in Pondicherry

Tirupati Barbers Rain Tree

Tirupati is a temple famous for pilgrims offering their hair, and this rain tree grows near an area set aside for the haircutters.

Trivandrum Sanskrit College Samanea

One of the largest trees spotted in downtown Trivandrum is this fantastic South American Samanea tree, spreading out wide and strong at the Sanskrit College

Allephey Boat Dock Rain Tre

A lazy afternoon boat ride on the Kerala Backwater canals can be arranged under this tree at the government boat dock in Allephey

Landmark Trees of India