Gupteshwar Kolab Gateway Arjun

This picturesque Arjuna tree stands above the rock entrance to the large pool on the Kolab River, near the Gupteshwar Cave

Jungle Yon

Jungle Bells resort, near Borra Caves, Andhra Pradesh, has an abundance of signposted trees, including this native Anogeissus tree

Trivandrum Golf Terminalia

A big tree at Trivandrum’s Golf Club, under which you can find some authentic wooden Keralan architecture at the main building

Daukra on Savitri Mt

Savitri Mountain rises steeply and dramatically above Pushkar, and at the chai restaurant near the summit you can find a Daukra tree

Giles Treetop Arjun Restaurant

Unfortunately damaged by recent weather events, this Arjun tree is one of two supporting a restaurant near Panna National Park.

Ganesha’s Anogeissus

On this small tree at the National Botanical Research Institute, a weird growth at the base of the trunk has been recognized as resembling, and representing Ganesh.

Gandhi Memorial Arjuna

Near Gandhi’s final cremation place on the shores of the Yamuna River is a tall and impressive Arjuna tree

Bamboo Grove Treehouse

Near Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary at Kumily, the Forest Department has established the Bamboo Grove as an eco-education and conference area. Amongst the lush gardens and towering trees is one lovely treehouse

Landmark Trees of India