Blavatsky Baobab

Madame Blavatsky was a Russian psychic who founded the esoterical Theosophical Society, on whose campus you can find this large baobab tree

Rani Bagh Gateway Baobab

A plump baobab at the entrance of Rani Bagh, greeting visitors to the zoo and botanical gardens.

Baobab with Baby

Strangely, this baobab at Mandu seems to have a small, unleaved branch sprouting from its roots.

Big Bye Bye Baobab

Perhaps the largest of the several large baobab’s at Mandu, this tree looms over a small farmfield on the plateau.

Broken Branch Baobab

At Mandu, this big old baobab near an old palace has recently lost a big branch.

Kalpataru 1-3

These three baobabs at the entrance to Doranda college were incorrectly reported to be rare members of the Kalpavrish, of which only nine exist India. Fortunately, there are many more baobabs than just nine.

The Other Baobab

Just a few kilometers distant from the amazing Mallanimli Baobab – which locals say is the only tree of its kind in the world — is another immediately recognizable Baobab!

Baz Bahadur’s Baobab

Amongst Sultan Bahadur’s palaces ruined by the Mughals, this is one of the most spectacular of the baobabs planted high on this rocky plateau

The Celestial Tree

A Celestial Wishing Tree can be found– behind a cage- at the Dilwara Jain Temple in Mount Abu, Rajasthan’s craggy holiday town.

Diu Rukhda Baobab

A superbly squat, elderly, and elephantine baobab is hidden in the woods near Nagoa beach.

Landmark Trees of India