Kambalakonda Wildlife Date

Just back from the coastline, the city of Vizag is blessed with the step green hills at Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary and it is on the walking trails there that you can find this lone date palm

Om Beach Lonely Date Palm

At Gokarna’s Om Beach, look to the left on the rocky headland and you will see a single date palm standing alone

Scots Cemetary PalmPipal

A peepal and date palm grow together at the overgrown and mostly forgotten Scottish Cemetary, hiding just a few minutes walk from the more well known Park St Cemetary

Khajuraho Khajur

The name Khajuraho derives from the Khajur, or date palm, and this representative specimen can be found near old Khajuraho town.

Nalanda University 8-Date

A strange, eight-branching mutant date palm can be found at the ruins of one of the world’s first universities, the Buddhist school of Nalanda

Landmark Trees of India