Seashell Museum Hoka

No visit to Diu Island is complete without a look at the Seashell Museum, where you can find a variety of shells from around the world as well as a nice branching palm in the front yard

A Hoka At Diu Fort

On the intricately water-eroded rock shelf near Diu Fort, a branching African Hoka palm grows by the ocean

Cement Cave Caryota

At Cherrapunjee, a cement factory is inadvertently and irrevocably destroying an ancient limestone cave beneath it. This fishtail palm grows near the cave entrance where water flows in.

A Kalpavriksh Coconut for Yo

After more than 18 months visiting India’s most famous trees, and with the help of the organization The Forest Way, I finally planted my first wishing tree in India!

Tranquebar Fort Flag

One palymyra palm stands proudly in the back of the old Danish Fort at Tranquebar

Institute Francais Roystonea

At the French Institute of Pondicherry, ecologists, anthropologists, and other researchers pass by this Royal Palm in the courtyard every day

Old Goa Cinch Palm

Near the massive cathedrals of Old Goa, a Royal Palm is being choked by an electrical wire wrapped around it

Kipling’s Twisty Coconut

The Nobel Prize winning author Rudyard Kipling’s childhood home is on the grounds of the JJ Art School near this twisty, bending coconut tree

Haj Ali Coconuts

At the popular Muslim shrine of Haj Ali, extending out on a causeway into the waters near Mumbai, a tall coconut grows in the corner.

Mangalore Talipot Palm

This huge, beautiful palm in a green corner of downtown Mangalore flowered- for the first and only time in its life- the day that the landowner died, and will die itself soon after

Landmark Trees of India