Tranquebar Ancient Ashok Tree

The oldest and most venerable Ashoka Mast tree encountered on this project is growing in the former Danish colony of Taragumbada

Srirangam Gate Ashoks

At the massive Srirangam Temple in north Trichy, two small Ashok Mast Trees greet arrivals to the main gate

A Polyalthia Tree for Father Matthew

This small, unassuming tree, grows at the entranceway to the Rapinat Herbarium at St Joseph’s College, in Trichy, where the rainforest botanist Father Matthew contributed immensely to ithe dentification of the plants of the Indian tropical rainforests

Jubilee Ashok View

A small Ashok tree framing the view off towards the hills from Jubilee Park in Jamshedpur

The Clapping Portico Mast Tree

At the entrance to Hyderabad’s Golconda Fort, this tree grows next to the famous Clapping Portico, where the news of visitor’s arrival to the king’s fortress could be transmitted with a strong clap.

The ElectriciTree

At Sarnath Deer Park, a small Ashok tree is used as an electrical junction box.

Landmark Trees of India