Shreya’s Starburst

This water-starburst is the central feature in the courtyard of the enchanting and extensive Calcutta Museum on Chowringhee street

St Thomas Church Neon

Yet another neon palm tree, near St Thomas Church, at the end of Sudder Street, Kolkata

Maidan Starburst

A beautiful water-starburst tree, lit up near the Victoria Memorial

Chennai Tsunami Memorial

This false tree fountain at Chennai’s Marine Beach is near a series of paintings remember the Boxing Day Tunami.

Pondy Bus Stand Yellow Neon Palm

The first of a line of beautiful yellow (plastic) palms leading to the ocean from the bus station. Follow them and you’ll see the Bay of Bengal soon.

Secret Lake FakeRock Cafe

At Secret Lake, a small tourist attraction near Hyderabad’s Cyber City, there is a cafe made of plastic rocks with a plastic tree inside.

Emerald Clock Palm

Near the clocktower in central Ujjain, a green neon palm tree stands amidst the whirling traffic.

Landmark Trees of India