Mt Abu Jaipur Inn Virens

Mount Abu’s heritage Jaipur Inn stands on a rocky hill above the town lake, and in its well tended green gardens is this strong fig tree

Diu Monument Banyan

A young banyan grows out into the sea from a monument tower near the Fort at Diu Island

Diu-Una Link Blurry Tree

This tree was encountered during a sleepy midnight taxi bargaining episode, with weary eyes and exhausted minds.thus the blurry photo.

Somnath Temple Banyan

Look for this banyan near the stores to the right as you approach the important Krishna temple at Somnath.

Uparkot Gate Banyan

A banyan near the entrance to the Uparkot fort at Junagadh, near Girnar Mountain.

Navghan Kuvo Stepwell Pipal Sprout

A small ficus tree is sprouting in the stoneworks at one the oldest and deepest stepwells cut deep into the earth at Junagadh’s Uparkot fort.

Landmark Trees of India