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 An Outreach Ecology & Geography Project

Trees are natural ambassadors. On this site, you can learn about ecology, geography, history, and culture by meeting individual trees around India.

Throughout India, countless trees are noted, named, respected, and recognized as individuals.  Simply finding and naming a tree “landmarks” it, and through it we can learn about the natural and human heritage of India and the world.

On this site, you can find multimedia resources- maps, tree profiles, articles, and photographs-  that can be used as a geography study, environmental education lessons, a travel guidebook, or edutainment.

 Each tree profile seeks to introduce new branches of knowledge that this individual tree represents: the tree species, taxonomic family, fossil record, human uses, cultural aspects, historical tales, mythology, and geographical setting.

India is a country of superlative population, superlative biodiversity, and superlative environmental variety. These landmark trees can teach us about the landscapes, biodiversity, and people of India and the other nations of the world.

So come explore!

Where to start? Click on the photo slider above, to meet an Ambassador Tree! Or you can learn about some of the tree species of India.

Take a moment to see the trees you encounter in the cities and forests as the individual living organisms they are. Give them a name!

Landmark Trees of India