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Hibaku Witness Trees of Hiroshima

A report on photospherical documentation of the A-Bombed Trees of Hiroshima

Sampling forest canopy biodiversity with three novel minimal cost trap designs

Instructions and data for three novel insect traps built with recycled materials, for use in the forest canopy. Published in the Australian Journal of Entomology

Tracing Taxonomic Arcs

An outreach tool for paleoecologists and taxonomists. Published in Journal of Geophytology

The World’s Largest Trees – Cataloguing Indias Giant Banyans

A writeup of measurements made on Indian Banyans

Agumbe Rainforest Research Station Baseline Surveys

A report produced for Agumbe Rainforest Research Station, Karnataka, India

Cataloging India’s Living Tree Heritage

A report on a heritage catalogue project for notable Indian trees

Arunachala Mountain Photomonitoring Pictures and Report

Project resources for a photo-monitoring project for recording conditions on a revegetated Arunachala Mountain, in Tamil Nadu, India

Arunachala Mountain Photomonitoring Report

A report detailing a photo-monitoring project for recording conditions on a revegetated Arunachala Mountain, in Tamil Nadu, India

Old growth Islands in an Ocean of Regrowth (Canopy arthropod refugia in a temperate coastal rainforest landscape)

A presentation about fieldwork in the evergreen coastal rainforests of the northwestern USA, given at the International Canopy Conference, Bangalore, India

Landmark Trees are the Natural Ambassadors for Environmental Education

A Landmark Trees of India presentation at the 2009 International Canopy Conference in Bangalore

Conserving India’s Heritage Trees

A keynote address for a workshop on establishment of a national database and conservation program for heritage trees throughout India, for the Indian National Trust for Arts and Cultural Heritage, Delhi. In press for the Journal of Heritage Studies

Vateria indica Crown Structure Mapping

A one-page poster and report on a field trip to Uppangala Rainforest, Karnataka, India, with ecologists from the French Institute-Pondicherry

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