Outreach Ecology produces diverse projects connecting with the beauty and wonder of the world around us. We are a boutique services consultancy with practical experience over eighteen years and several countries.

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Tree Trek Mumbai Map

A map to explore Mumbai, by visiting some notable trees in the city downtown

Trees as Ambassadors (Poster Map)

A collaborative poster-map showing some of India’s most remarkable trees, published by World Wild Fund for Nature WWF-India

India Landmark Trees

An online cartographic portal for biogeography in India, hosted at the Ashoka Trust for Research on Ecology and Environment, Bangalore

Fort Cochin Tree Trail Materials

Materials for download for the Fort Cochin Tree Trail, Kerala, India

IslandWood Scientist in Residence Lesson Plan

A lesson plan for activities conducted at Islandwood environmental education centre, near Seattle USA, as part of a Scientist-in-Residence experience

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