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Anglicare Web Site Writing Portfolio

Web copywriting – capsule summaries of social service experiences

ABC Radio Interview_Penitentiary Chapel

A talk about the photodocumentation of the heritage Penitentiary Chapel using photosphere technology

Speleo Spiel_cover photo subject

A front cover photograph from our trip into a southern Tasmanian cave placed on the local caving mag, taken by Francois Fourie

Southern Tasmanian Caverneers

Web design for the Southern Tasmanian Caverneers speleological society

Tasmania_NHK Japan TV Documentary_oncamera treeclimber

It was a great honour to contribute to the flagship nature program, Great Nature, of the Japanese public television network NHK as a presenter introducing the treetop environment of the Eucalyptus regnans of Tasmania

Trees of Life

A newspaper article that mentions the Landmark Trees of India project…however, the reporter did not actually conduct the interviews and the quotes are fabricated.

High Achiever – Tree Climber Branches Out

A very nice profile of previous work and biography.

Talk The Talk_Local Experts (Interview)

An interview with a Delhi travel and residence website

The Largest Banyan Tree of Kota Kinabalu

A local writer in Sabah, Borneo, follows up on the Largest Tree of KK poster

Speakers Bureau

Profile page for Asia Literacy Ambassadors Speaker Bureau programme, via Asialink at University of Melbourne

Arboreal Wonders

An article in a major Indian newsweekly following up on the measurement of the giant banyans of India- perhaps the largest trees in the world.

Lucknow’s Immortal Banyan Tree

A followup to the giant banyans measurement efforts

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