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The White Knights – (Eucalyptus viminalis)

On-camera contributions to Eucalypt Australia documentary film

Tallest Tree Survives Forest Inferno

Newspaper piece describing the scorching of the world’s tallest flowering plant

Tall Tree Centurion passes 100-metre mark

ABC news piece heralding the first lasermeasurements of a flowering plant over 100m

Treehouse Challenge

Overview of an Expedition Class linking up with students from Tasmanian Treetops

Expedition Class – ProjectWebpageCaptures – Aug17

Online educational portal for students around Tasmania to join a treetop expedition

The Biggest Tree Canopy on the Planet Stretches Across Nearly Five Acres

Science-travel article on the broadest tree in the world

The Fig and the Wasp (World’s Broadest Trees)

Science-travel article on the broadest tree in the world

Lifting a Veil from Towering Sentinels of a Lost Age

Profile of forest conservation efforts in major Australian newspapers (technical ropework assistance)

We Spent 67 Days Photographing One of the World’s Tallest Trees

Ultra-high resolution photography site feature article on the Tasmanian Tree Project

Tasmanian Tree Project Film

On-camera contributions to video distributed by Australian Geographic

Tasmanian Tree Projects – an intimate portrait from an impossible perspective

Photogaphy of giant trees in the Guardian online

Photographing one of the world’s tallest trees in Tasmania’s Styx Valley

Feature article on ABC news on the Tasmanian Tree Project

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