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A MapMaker’s Toolkit – Cartographic Details

Discovering the tiny details in a hand-drawn map

The Farthest Corner – A Sea Kayak Expedition

A kayaking expedition to the far Southwest Wilderness of Tasmania

Habitat for Humanity – Climate Change

An overview of our greatest challenge

Land of the Giants – First Full-Length Giant Eucalyptus Portrait

How we rigged, climbed, and photographed a giant Eucalyptus tree to create an ultra-high-resolution portrait

The Tree of Life – Humans in Asia

Discovering the evolution and migration of modern humans

Ambassadors from Ancient Asia – Asian Wildlife

Discovering mammalian wildlife lineages originating in Asia and dispersing worldwide

The Walkers Watch (Suunto Traverse Review)

Product review of a navigation smart-watch

Comets As Arks

Discovering the magic and science of the comets orbiting our solar system

Pangaea – Dance of the Moving Continents

A description of the supercontinents of ancient Earth

Design Lessons from Tasmanian Giant Trees

Looking for inspiration in the shape of ancient forest trees

Islands in the Sky

Discovering alpine ecosystems

A Motorist’s Guide to Giant Trees of Tasmania

Where to find accessible giant trees across Tasmania