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Witnessing Changes – Tasmanian Bushfires

Discovering the landscape changes after a massive forest fire event

From Zero to 5G – Our Evolving Datasphere

A primer on the evolution of our mobile data networks, from telegraphs to 5G

Road Signs – A Bit of History

How we came to have the road signs we see today

The Vital Cycle

Composting and the Earth’s ecological cycle

Challenge of the Rainbow Chaser

A primer on discovering, predicting, and photographing rainbows

Flags of ASEAN

Interesting facts about the flags of Southeast Asia

A Rocky Road – Quartzite Mountains

Discovrering the spectacular quartzite mountain ranges of Southwest Tasmania

Be Smart with Smartphones – A Toolkit for Travellers

Suggestions on using our pocket supercomputers to learn about the world around us

Cloud-a-Day Newsletter Entries

Contributions to the widely distributed Cloud Appreciation Society Newsletter

The Two Forests of Hollybank

An introduction to a lovely forest reserve

Uncharted Territories – Medical Kingdoms

Exploring the unknown biological sources of future medicines

A MapMaker’s Toolkit – Cartographic Details

Discovering the tiny details in a hand-drawn map

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