YD Bar-Ness has been working with the natural world since 1997 and with digital services since 1995. He is on a long term mission searching for the Kalpavriksh, the mythical wish-fulfilling tree of ancient Sanskritic myth. He hasn’t found it yet, but will make sure to tell you when he does. 



Outreach Ecology has teamed up internationally with numerous organisations, publications, and departments over the years on projects and publications.


  • US-India Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship: Landmark Trees.
  • Twenty years experience studying notable trees in Asia, North America, Australia, Pacific Islands, special interests in Thuja, Cryptomeria, Agathis, Araucaria, Cedrus, and Eucalyptus.
  • First specialist Tasmanian Giant Forest tourism operator: Giant Tree Expeditions.
  • First national-level documentation of Indian significant trees – 26,000 km of travel, deliverable outputs across various national media
  • First laser measurements >100m of any Eucalyptus, flowering plant, non-redwood, or Southern Hemisphere tree.
  • First on-ropes study of Eucalyptus tree canopy arthropod biodiversity & branching structure (MScResearch).
  • First spherical VR video in Eucalyptus treetops
  • Japanese National Broadcaster- flagship nature documentary Great Nature – On-camera interpretation of Eucalyptus forests
  • Founding Editor of Tasmanian Geographic
  • First aerial measurements of Earth’s broadest trees – Indian banyans.
  • Contributor to first ultra-high-resolution portrait photograph of giant E. regnans –w/ The Tree Project
  • World Wildlife Fund (India) – developed Landmark tree student activities
  • Plant Hunter website: Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens: botanical careers, virtual reality, film clips, heritage tree maps.
  • First VR photography project of the Hibaku Trees: Hiroshima A-Bomb Survivors
  • Media appearances/contributions including BBC, ABC, Guardian, Smithsonian Magazine, Qantas Magazine, Smithsonian Museum.


Outreach Ecology has practical field experience over eighteen years of projects in a variety of terrains… and we are constantly exploring new environments.

Let’s go exploring!