Outreach Ecology produces diverse projects connecting with the beauty and wonder of the world around us. We are a boutique services consultancy with practical experience over eighteen years and several countries.

Witnessing Changes – Tasmanian Bushfires

Discovering the landscape changes after a massive forest fire event

From Zero to 5G – Our Evolving Datasphere

A primer on the evolution of our mobile data networks, from telegraphs to 5G

The White Knights – (Eucalyptus viminalis)

On-camera contributions to Eucalypt Australia documentary film

How Tall Is the Tallest Flowering Tree?

A photo-illustrated summary of the first laser measurements conducted of any Southern Hemisphere tree over 100m

Road Signs – A Bit of History

How we came to have the road signs we see today

Tallest Tree Survives Forest Inferno

Newspaper piece describing the scorching of the world’s tallest flowering plant

The Vital Cycle

Composting and the Earth’s ecological cycle

How Tall is The Tallest Flowering Tree? (Report)

Detailed report on laser measurements of the tallest known flowering tree Centurion, with the first flowering plant measured over 100 m

Tall Tree Centurion passes 100-metre mark

ABC news piece heralding the first lasermeasurements of a flowering plant over 100m

Challenge of the Rainbow Chaser

A primer on discovering, predicting, and photographing rainbows

Flags of ASEAN

Interesting facts about the flags of Southeast Asia

A Rocky Road – Quartzite Mountains

Discovrering the spectacular quartzite mountain ranges of Southwest Tasmania

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